2015 Tournament Rules

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  1. The Darts Over Dallas Tournament is open to all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered dart players.
  2. Darts Over Dallas is Straight Friendly. However, it is a gay event therefore;
    half of your team must be gay to be eligible to play in this tournament.
  3. The Darts Over Dallas Tournament is an amateur dart tournament. If your name can be
    found on any of the following lists as of 11:59 PM on Friday, November 6th, 2015, you are prohibited from playing in this tournament:
    1. American Darters Association (ADA)
      1. American Dart League (ADL) Top Darters
        1. Soft Tip Neutralizer Men
        2. Soft Tip Neutralizer Women
        3. Soft Tip American Open League Men
        4. Soft Tip American Open League Woen
        5. Steel Tip Neutralizer Men
        6. Steel Tip Neutralizer Women
        7. Steel Tip American Open League Men
        8. Steel Tip American Open League Women
      2. Pro Darters List
    2. American Darts Organization (ADO)
      1. ADO Men's National Rankings
      2. ADO Women's National Rankings
    3. Arachnid's Pro Lists (Bullshooter)
      1. Pro List
      2. Pro AA List
      3. Women's A List
      4. Women's AA List
    4. National Dart Association (NDA)
      1. '01 Player's Rankings
          (Only the top 1100 NDA players are prohibited from playing in this tournament.)
  4. The Darts Over Dallas Tournament Directors reserves the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason.
  5. If a player on your team has won $150.00 or more in any dart tournament in the last twelve (12) months, you must report it to the Tournament Director.
  6. You must be at least 21 years old to participate in this tournament. ID's will be verified the night of registration; each team member must sign in.
  7. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please email a Tournament Director at Sammy@DartsOverDallas.com.
  8. If any player knowingly provides false or misleading information, or is determined to be ineligible after the start of tournament play, the player will be removed from the tournament.
  9. If you are unable to attend registration, you are responsible for proof of ID the following day at the Captains meeting before being eligible to play in the tournament. Photo copy ID's or any other similar will not be accepted.

    Tournament Rules

  10. The matches will be played over a number of venues throughout Dallas, location names and a map of the bars will be provided by the DOD Staff in your folders received at the Captains Meeting.
  11. No Practice once match has started
  12. No coaching a player at the line (step away to talk to players/team). Please use courtesy when players on other teams are throwing (whether on that board or a nearby board).
  13. Home team is determined by a coin toss, then toss to see who goes first for game 5 (if needed).
  14. Each tournament match will be five (5) games. The first team to win three (3) games is the winner of the match. The matches consist of 4 games of 301 Open In / Masters Out (Freeze rule applies), and one game of 501 Piggy Back Open In / Masters Out (Freeze rule applies). In all games four (4) positions are played in order to make freezing/blocking possible.
  15. Freeze rule: If at any time in the game, your opponents combined scores are less than that of your partner, you cannot go to zero. If a player goes to zero and his partners score is higher than the opponents combined scores, the game is a forfeit and the win is credited to the opponent with the lowest score.
  16. It is the throwers responsibility to see that the machine is displaying the correct players number prior to throwing any darts. Darts must not be thrown until the THROW DARTS LIGHT IS ON. Any dart thrown early may not be thrown over or manually scored.
  17. If a dart is dropped across the throw line and it lands on the floor past the throw line, it is considered a thrown dart and the player loses that point. This is not debatable by the captains of the team.
  18. Players of each team will provide quarters for tournament play.
  19. The dart board is always right. For example, if a player throws a dart and it sticks in the Triple 20 but the board registers a Single 20, the player cannot manually input the Triple 20 as the correct score. If a dart stays in the board but does not register, the dart will not be manually scored.
  20. If a player throws when it is the turn of a player on the opposing team, any points scored will remain on the machine and the machine will be advanced around so that the correct player may have a full turn.
  21. If a player throws when it is the turn of a teammate, any points scored will remain on the machine and both members of that team will be passed on their next turn.
  22. If a player throws out if turn and it ends the game, the players team forfeits the game. The opponent with the lowest score is credited with the win.
  23. A player may pass on any or all darts in any turn.
  24. At the completion of a match, each team captain must double-check the score sheet and sign it.
  25. The winning team captain is responsible for calling in the wins and losses, AND turning in the score sheets (with both team captains signatures) to the Host Bar.
  26. In the even of a missing score sheet, both team captains will have to re-create a new sheet and sign it before a DOD member and turn it in. No wins will be credited without a score sheet.
  27. Should any other problems arise that are not addressed above, the team captain that perceives the problem should stop the game and contact one of the DOD tournament staff. The DOD staff, via the directors, has the final decision on all rulings.

Player Eligibility Check Utility

This utility is provided as a courtesy only!

Perform a preliminary search against the lists specified within the Eligibility section.
Players are responsible for verifying that they meet all eligibility requirements.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your name does not appear on any of the lists outlined within the Eligibility Rules section.
If your name can be found on any of the lists in the Eligibility section, you are prohibited from playing in Darts Over Dallas
(even if this utility does not locate your name on one of the lists).

First Name:

Last Name:


  I understand I am responsible for checking my eligiblility.